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Susan Lewis Baines

"If you ask me what I came to do in this world, I, an artist, will answer you: I am here to live out loud." ~Emile Zola




Studio/Gallery Address

26 Split Rock Cove

South Thomaston, Maine

Mailing Address

89 Waterman Beach Road

South Thomaston, Maine 04858

Artist Statement

My work, my process, the medium I choose, all are a swift moment’s decision, a frenetic vision. I want to do it all. I want to feel it all in my hands. I see the piece in oil, watercolor, color pencil. I see it in all styles. Photo realistically, classically and painterly, abstractly. Which canvas? Which medium? The idea of sticking with one style or medium feels limiting and unnecessary. I don’t do that with the art and entertainment I myself consume, so why would I do that while creating?

A Very Short Bio

  • Like most artists, creativity began as a child and nurtured by my family. A very early memory would be my kindergarten teacher, Mrs. King, asking me to stand at the front of the class and for the other children to draw my portrait. I dutifully stood there, envisioning just how my portrait would look, rendered by what was surely a very talented group of peers. When I looked at the finished work of the typical 5 year old: arms stick-straight from the single circle that served as both my head and body, crazed big eyes, a slash formed my mouth, unkempt hair, feet that looked the same as the hands, and apparently bereft of clothing, I burst into tears. Where was the tidy ponytail? Where was the red plaid dress complete with Peter Pan collar?  Where were the patent leather shoes with delicate, white ruffled, turned down socks?  Since that experience I have wanted to create good likenesses and to truly see and render what is before me. This is not to say I only like photo-realism. I appreciate ALL forms of art. I still wonder what my work would have looked like had I been sitting at the desk and rendering the young girl in front of me.

  • Apprentice with jeweler Jacob Snow

  • Built miniature silver and gold boat parts for museum quality model boats by Robert Eddy.

  • Opened a catering and personal chef business called Takin' The Heat. 

  • Created my own jewelry designs as Susan B. ~ designer/goldsmith and member of the Maine Crafts Guild.

  • Co-op member of ArtSpace Gallery for two years as a jewelry designer.

  • Continued with ArtSpace as a paint artist after contracting Lyme disease, having to give up jewelry work.

  • Opened The Kelpie Gallery, representing 40+ artists in 6 years. 

  • Closed the gallery space due to Covid19.

  • Maintain a studio and small gallery space of my own work at 26 Split Rock Cove.

So, that is basically me in a nutshell. Whether it is painting, gardening, cooking, knitting, directing a Renaissance festival for the holidays, or what have you, I am living out loud. 

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